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제목 The main highlights include racing models and eco-friendly concept cars
at the 2010 Auto China, ‘For a Green Tomorrow’!
작성자 hankooktire 등록일 2010.05.01

The main highlights include racing models and eco-friendly
concept cars at the 2010 Auto China,‘For a Green Tomorrow’!




 2010 Auto China is a great place for the companies to find which direction they need to take and how to promote their eco-friendly concept vehicles and cars that are already in production, it’s also a great opportunity to publicize their brand to the masses. The concept cars are one of the most awaited spectacles at the show; concept cars are uniquely designed to fulfill consumers desire and it is a great way to anticipate how the future car would be like. If the new lines of car model shows the current market trend in automotive industry, concept cars suggests the new futuristic direction that we can expect.

 To follow the slogan of the event ‘For a Green Tomorrow,’ most car companies are featuring its hybrid and electrical cars to the public. In particular, companies’ eco-friendly concept cars showed the future direction of how the car industry would pan out. Another big anticipation of the show is the beautiful racing models! Majority of the auto shows are men and to capture their attention, car companies accompany their products with beautiful racing models. Sometimes the racing models do take away attentions from the car and related products, because of their breathtaking beauty.

 South Korea’s Hyundai scored a hot reaction from the visitors with their events that was hosted by many beautiful racing models. Other companies had racing models to promote their cars as well, however to better appeal Hyundai had many different performances by the models. Hyundai succeeded to win visitors by appropriately mixing their marketing strategy between racing model and the ‘Korean Wave.’

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