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제목 Experience Hankook Tire’s eco-friendly ‘Enfren Zone,’ at the 2010 Auto China,
‘For a Green Tomorrow”!
작성자 hankooktire 등록일 2010.04.30

Experience Hankook Tire’s eco-friendly ‘Enfren Zone,’
at the 2010 Auto China, ‘For a Green Tomorrow”!




 2010 Auto China, the largest motor show in Asia is advocating “earth friendly exhibition,” concept under the show’s slogan ‘For a Green Tomorrow.’ A variety of automotive related companies from around the world are promoting their own environmentally friendly products at this year’s show. Hankook Tire, a representative of Republic Korea, is introducing its very own fuel economical and CO2 emission reducing performance technology to the consumers emphasizing economical advantages as well as environmentally friendly tire for their everyday drive.

 Hankook Tire is getting much attention from the visitors at the 2010 Auto China by presenting their eco-friendly tire line enfren and its own ‘Kontrol Technology.’

 Reducing tire’s rolling resistance from the road alone can significantly reduce its fuel consumption for the cars that uses petroleum fuel. Hankook Tire’s green product enfren can minimize the energy loss from its structural design technology and material technology applications and by having silica mix to maximize the tire's rolling resistance, it improves fuel efficiency by reducing the vehicle's carbon dioxide which is the biggest cause of global warming reducing emissions

 If the NF Sonata 2.0 made by Hyundai is equipped with enfren and it’s been driven for 10 years with 200,000 km, enfren can help reduce 820kg of CO2 emission that equals to the amount of carbon dioxide that 146 trees absorb per year. Hankook Tire has arranged a booth with a simulator program for the visitors to experience how much carbon-dioxide emission they can reduce by equipping their own vehicle with Hankook Tire’s enfren.

 If a driver drives 25,000km a year with a vehicle that averages 10km/liter, the driver can actually save 150 liters of oil which equals to approximately 1,031 Yuan (about 165,000 Korean Won), if the car is equipped with enfren. In addition, cars that are macroscopically equipped with enfren can lessen the CO2 emission by 308kg per year, which equals the amount of carbon dioxide that 55 trees absorb per year.

 Furthermore, Hankook Tire is displaying UHP (Ultra High Performance Tire), PCR (Passenger Car Tires), TBR (Truck/Bus), and a variety of racing tires at the booth for the audience to directly compare the products with one another and for them to experience.

 Hankook Tire, the seventh largest tire company in the world is setting its goal to reach 25% market share in China within 5 years. To achieve its goal, Hankook Tire is turning their already established tires more luxurious and will soon introduce a new product line that’s gunning for the mid-priced market to ‘multi-brand,’ the company. Also, Hankook Tire is checking feasibility to build their 3rd local plant in China to ensure productivity and its reliability.

<Hankook Tire’s Shanghai headquarter, local factory in China, R&D center, Branch office and T’Station>

 After introducing local production systems in China in 1999, Hankook Tire has surpassed world’s leading tire companies such as Michelin as a No. 1 in the market share for the passenger tire category within 4 years of its introduction.

 The recent growth in automotive market in China, Hankook Tire is shifting their strategy from Business to Business’s (B2B) OE Tire to Business to Consumer (B2C) and through this strategic change Hankook Tire will be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

 2010 Auto China is a great opportunity to further showcase South Korea’s leading tire company Hankook Tire to the masses. This exhibition will increase Hankook Tire’s brand recognition in China by introducing its eco-friendly tire technology and products to the Chinese consumers.

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