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제목 Meet eco-friendly Hankook Tire at the 2010 Auto China,“For a Green Tomorrow” !
작성자 hankooktire 등록일 2010.04.27

South Korean Automotive industry surprises
at the 2010 Auto China,‘For a Green Tomorrow’!




 At the 2010 Auto China under a slogan ‘For a Green Tomorrow,’ there are many South Korean company participants such as Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors and Hankook Tire who already built a great reputation in China’s automotive industry. Hyundai and Kia are displaying their new eco-friendly vehicles including its standard models; Hankook Tire is also showcasing its fuel economical and CO2 emission reducing performance product led by enfren to the consumers emphasizing economical advantage as well as environmentally friendly tire for their everyday drive. It is thought to be through 2010 Auto China, South Korean automotive industry will gain recognition from the public eyes and at the same time it’d be a great platform for the South Korean companies to introduce advanced and environmentally friendly technology to the world.

 With the goal of reaching No. 4 in automobile sales in China, the largest car market in the world, Hyundai is displaying 20 cars including ‘iFLOW,’ ‘Blue Wheel,’ and other eco-friendly car as well as standard model cars at their 1,800 square meter exhibition space at the 2010 Auto China. By introducing environmentally friendly and its world-class new technology at the 2010 Auto China, Hyundai is focusing to enhance company’s status from the world auto market as well as planning their future perspectives in this field.

Honda’s Electric Vehicle EV-N

Mercedes Benz New SLS AMG

 You can find very attractive racing girls dancing to K-pop, a host explaining Hyundai products and audiences actively participating to win prizes at the Hyundai’s booth. By actively using “Han-Ryu (Korean-Wave),” as their marketing direction, Hyundai is attracting many audiences to the booth.

Array of Hai Ma’s equipped with Hankook Tire

Array of Hai Ma’s equipped with Hankook Tire

Array of Hai Ma’s equipped with Hankook Tire

 As one of main sponsors for the 2010 World Cup that’s being held in South Africa, Hyundai is operating another booth that’s solely devoted to the World Cup displaying miniature cars specially designed to represent all participating countries at the World Cup event. By doing so, Hyundai is gaining much attention from soccer enthusiast as well as car fanatics, a great marketing for Hyundai Motor Group.

Hyundai’s IX35

Hyundai’s IX35

 Through 2010 Auto Show, Kia is strongly committed to raise their sales in Chinese market. At their gigantic 1,018 square meter showroom, Kia is displaying 15 of their cars including K7, Sportage and other vehicles to the audience. Kia also created ‘Eco-Zone,’ to display Venga, Kia’s very own electric vehicle that was first introduced at last year’s Geneva Auto Show to the public.

Hyundai’s IX35

Hyundai’s IX35

 The demand for car is growing in Mainland China including SUV’s mainly from the younger generation due to the growth in middle class purchasing power in China. Kia has identified these growth and changes in China’s market environment is now introducing Sportage-R to increase their brand awareness and is expected to actively market towards the energetic automobile market in China.

Hyundai’s New Equus

 We were able to enjoy the growing status of South Korean automobile industry by being surrounded with various new standard and eco-friendly concept cars made by many South Korean companies at the 2010 Auto Show. We were able to see the growth in South Korean automobile industry in the overseas market through the glimpse of many vehicles such as Hyundai’s Equus, Kia’s Soul and other being equipped with Hankook Tire. We were also convinced that through cooperation and coexistence between South Korean car companies, the Korean car makers would become a household name through out the world and become a global brand.

 At the Hankook Tire’s booth at the show, you can find Hankook Tire aggressively marketing its environmentally friendly product by introducing “enfren”, an eco-friendly tire to the Chinese market for the first time. Enfren is receiving great reviews from the locals due to its benefit of saving fuel consumptions and reducing CO2 emission. In addition, by introducing Hankook Tire’s very own ‘Kontrol Technology,’ which features fuel efficient and eco-friendly technique; Hankook Tire is demonstrating their commitment to preserve green earth.

Kia’s Sportage R

 Also, Hankook Tire is holding 4 different events everyday at the booth to seize attentions from the audience and they are receiving great responses from the spectators with giveaways such as Hankook Tire logo t-shirt, umbrellas, calendars and etc.

Kia’s Forte

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