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제목 Meet eco-friendly Hankook Tire at the 2010 Auto China,“For a Green Tomorrow” !
작성자 hankooktire 등록일 2010.04.27

Meet the latest new cars and the variety of new eco-friendly
cars at the 2010 Auto China,“For a Green Tomorrow”!




 2010 Auto China brings an excellent opportunity and place for the car manufacturers from all parts of the world and for the companies who produces auto-related parts to promote not only their existing products, but also to showcase their latest and exciting inventions to the public. Especially, with this year’s slogan ‘For a Green Tomorrow,’ many car makers from all over the globe are focusing on introducing new and improved eco-friendly cars such as electric and hybrid automobiles.

Honda’s Electric Vehicle EV-N
<Honda’s Electric Vehicle EV-N>

Mercedes Benz New SLS AMG
<Mercedes Benz New SLS AMG>

 From a pool of many car companies from around the globe, Chinese Automobile Manufacturer Hai Ma, exhibited variety of cars at the show and most of their vehicles are equipped with Hankook Tire.

Array of Hai Ma’s equipped with Hankook Tire

Array of Hai Ma’s equipped with Hankook Tire

Array of Hai Ma’s equipped with Hankook Tire
<Array of Hai Ma’s equipped with Hankook Tire>

Hyundai, one of the largest car makers in South Korea have caught many attentions from the visitor with their range of vehicles. Including Verna, model only available in China, Hyundai displayed many different models such as Tucson, Tucson IX (a.k.a. ix35), Accent, Equus, I30, Genesis and NF Sonata (a.k.a. Ling-shang).

Hyundai’s IX35
<Hyundai’s IX35>

Especially, the new Verna was introduced to the public for the very first time through the event. Verna is specially designed for particular needs of Chinese consumers and is much safer and economical than their competitors; they plan to attack the small-vehicle market with this new product.

Hyundai’s new Verna
<Hyundai’s new Verna>

Many Hyundai cars such as Equus, H-1, Vera Cruz, YF Sonata and others are being exhibited equipped with Hankook Tire. The collaboration of two South Korean companies has demonstrated the growth and its improvement in auto industry in Korea to the audience.

Hyundai’s H-1
<Hyundai’s H-1>

Hyundai’s Veracruz
<Hyundai’s Veracruz>

Hyundai’s YF Sonata
<Hyundai’s YF Sonata>

Hyundai’s New Equus
<Hyundai’s New Equus>

To preempt the fast growing SUV market in China, Kia Motors introduced and displayed Sportage R and vehicles that are being produced in Chinese Factory such as Forte, Pride, and Cerato.

Kia’s Sportage R
<Kia’s Sportage R>

Kia’s Electric Vehicle Venga
<Kia’s Electric Vehicle Venga>

Kia also displayed variety of their vehicles to the audience after being equipped with Hankook Tire demonstrating a perfect combination of South Korean auto maker and South Korean Tire manufacturer.

Kia’s Forte
<Kia’s Forte>

Kia’s Carens
<Kia’s Carens>

Kia’s Soul
<Kia’s Soul>

Keeping its consistency, Hankook Tire demonstrated eco-friendly product efren to the public and ‘Kontrol Technology,’ which is Hankook Tire’s very own fuel efficient and eco-friendly technique which coordinates very well with the theme of the 2010 Auto China.

Hankook Tire’s booth – enfren Zone
<Hankook Tire’s booth – enfren Zone>

Hankook Tire’s booth – Kontrol Technology Zone
<Hankook Tire’s booth – Kontrol Technology Zone>

Moreover, CRC vehicles displayed on the car stage and various events received great response from the crowd. We also felt the popularity of Hankook Tire increasing as the event went on.

CRC Vehicles on the Car Stage
<CRC Vehicles on the Car Stage>

During an Event at Hankook Tire’s Booth
<During an Event at Hankook Tire’s Booth>

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