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제목 Meet eco-friendly Hankook Tire at the 2010 Auto China,“For a Green Tomorrow” !
작성자 hankooktire 등록일 2010.04.27

Meet eco-friendly Hankook Tire at the 2010 Auto China,
“For a Green Tomorrow”!


      2010 Auto China, the largest automotive exhibition in Asia has begun on April 23rd. The biggest automotive

      automotive expo, ‘2010 Auto China,’(a.k.a. Beijing International Automotive Exhibition) is celebrating its 11th

      birthday this year and its’ being held from 4/23/10 through 05/02/10. This event is a wonderful place to

      familiarize and explore China’s automotive industry, which is one of the fastest and largest growing car

      market in the world and, also to explore high-tech expertise from the world’s leading automotive companies.




Press Days April 23 - April 24
Trade Days April 25 - April 26
Public Days April 27 - May 2


 2010 Auto China have expanded the size of the venue to 20 million square meters this year by increasing 20,000 square meters from the past event. Not only have they boosted their size of the venue, they also invited automakers and parts companies from 16 different countries worldwide having more 2,100 companies participating in the largest show in history. By looking at the size and the participants of this event, we can see that not only the Chinese government officials and their citizens, but also the leaders of auto industry worldwide are very interested and committed to ever-growing car market in China.

Under the slogan ‘For a Green Tomorrow,’ 2010 Auto China is advocating eco-friendly cars and products, Hankook Tire (http://global.hankooktire.com), the seventh largest tire company in the world is introducing its fuel economical and CO2 emission reducing performance technology to the consumers emphasizing economical advantages as well as environmentally friendly tire for their everyday drive.

2010 Auto China

 Hankook Tire is getting much attention from the audience by introducing its eco-friendly tire line called, ‘Enfren.’


1) Lowers the rolling resistance of tires and minimizes fuel waste
2) Creates better gas-mileage and improves driver’s fuel economy
3) Reduces fuel consumption and minimizes CO2 emissions

 Since its first introduction in 2008, to follow the worldwide green movement, enfren has been acclaimed by not only Korean market, but also in Japan, Australia as one of the best eco-friendly product. Hankook Tire is anticipating the same success from Chinese market.

2010 Auto China

 Consumers can personally experience ‘Kontrol Technology,’ which is Hankook Tire’s very own fuel efficient and eco-friendly technique at the “Enfren Experience,” space. ‘Comparison of rubber for better fuel efficiency,’ and ‘Micro site,’ is also available for consumers enhanced experience.

2010 Auto China

 In addition, Hankook Tire has received a very warm welcome from all participants by providing them with quizzes, games and variety of events for audience to enjoy.

2010 Auto China

2010 Auto China
2010 Auto China

2010 Auto China

 Meanwhile, one of the most popular actresses in China, Zhang, Jingchu, who starred in film titles ‘Rush Hour 3,’ and ‘Red Cliff,’ serves as a model for Hankook Tire.

According to the event host of Hankook Tire booth at the event, after the introduction of Hankook Tire in China in 1994, Hankook Tire has never lost the No. 1 title in Passenger Car Tire market in China. In addition, the seventh largest tire company in the world is now aiming to break in to top 5 worldwide by end of 2011. This year’s event will be a great opportunity for Hankook Tire to display its advanced eco-friendly technology and products to the public.

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