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Title 05/19/2014 - What's in a Car Name? American Drivers Weigh In
Date 05/21/2014 Count 24912

What's in a Car Name? American Drivers Weigh In

From naming cars to learning how to change a tire, the Hankook Tire Gauge Index delves into Americans' automotive relationships

Wayne, NJ ? May 19, 2014 - Believe it or not, more than one in three drivers have named their car.

Hankook Tire America Corp. today released the findings from its Hankook Tire Spring Gauge Index, which found that 35 percent of drivers have named their car in the past. When asked the specific names of these cars, the responses ranged the spectrum ? from the most popular names of “Betsy,” “Bessie,” and “Baby” to more esoteric titles including “The Accordion,” “Petunia” and “NellyBelly.”

People seem to identify with their car, especially when it comes to gender. Drivers, and women especially, tend to align the gender of their car with their own gender ? women are more likely to consider the car they drive a female (40 percent) vs. male (8 percent), and men are more likely to consider their car male (28 percent) as opposed to female (23 percent). Approximately half of those surveyed (51 percent) stay gender-neutral when it comes to cars, considering their vehicle neither male nor female.

Getting nostalgic when it comes to driving; Dads as the master teachers

When asked about learning how to drive and learning how to change a tire, Dad comes in as the most popular teacher, followed by professional instructors. Thirty (30) percent of those surveyed said they were taught how to drive by their dad, and nearly half (47 percent) said their dad taught them how to change a tire. Approximately one quarter (24 percent) of drivers were taught how to drive by a professional, while professional teachers accounted for only 12 percent of tire changing lessons.

Most learned how to change a tire early in their driving career, with 60 percent of those knowledgeable of the skill learning when they were under the age of 20. Twenty-two (22) percent of drivers polled still do not know how to change a tire.

“Our quarterly Hankook Gauge Index continually reveals unique insights into Americans’ sentiments and behaviors when it comes to driving.” said Henry Kopacz, Public Relations and Social Media Manager, Hankook Tire America Corp. “These results in particular shed light on the relationships and personal experiences Americans value in driving.”

The Hankook Tire Gauge Index is a quarterly survey of Americans that uncovers their attitudes and opinions about all things related to driving. The spring installment of the survey, conducted April 9-10, 2014 polled 1,007 randomly selected Americans on spring driving and what is on their minds as the season approaches. Additional findings from the survey include:

  • The majority (62 percent) of American drivers got their first car when they were a teenager.
  • Thirty-four (34) percent of drivers that know how to change a tire learned during an emergency situation.
  • Forty-five (45) percent of Americans said the fastest they have ever driven is between 70 and 90 miles per hour; 23 percent have driven between 90 and 105 mph and 16 percent have driven over 105 mph.
  • Sixty-seven (67) percent of drivers have checked their tire pressure in the past month; 70 percent have checked their tire tread and 63 percent have checked for tire damage.?

About Hankook Tire America Corp.

Hankook Tire America Corp. is a growing leader in the U.S. tire market, leveraging investments in technology, manufacturing and marketing to deliver high quality, reliable products that are better for consumers and the environment.  Headquartered in Wayne, N.J., Hankook Tire America Corp. markets and distributes a complete line of high performance and ultra-high performance passenger tires, light truck, SUV tires, as well as medium truck and bus tires in the United States.

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