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Title 04/16/2012 - Hankook's brand-new UHP tire is installed as Original Equipment by premium carmakers
Date 04/16/2012 Count 9807

Hankook's brand-new UHP tire is installed as Original Equipment by premium carmakers

  • Ultra-high-performance tire Ventus S1 evo² fitted as Original Equipment to new BMW 3-Series
  • DTM technology combines performance, durability and energy efficiency
  • Another milestone on the company's global expansion course

April 16, 2012 (Seoul, Korea) - Hankook Tire, the seventh-largest and one of the fastest growing tire companies in the world, announced today that the company is now the Original Equipment supplier for the new BMW 3-Series. The best-selling model by the Munich-based premium car manufacturer will be factory equipped amongst others with Hankook's high-performance Ventus S1 evo² tires. Initially, the tire size 205/60 R 16 W will be used as standard on the BMW 3 series versions 316d to 320d and 316i to 320i ex works.

Following on from the MINI and the new 1-Series, the brand-new 3-Series is the third model by BMW Group to be fitted with Hankook tires - another important milestone on the global expansion course set by the tire manufacturer in the premium segment. "Supplying Original Equipment for one of the best-selling, key models in the BMW range is proof of trust and motivation", says Hyun Shick Cho, President & Chief Marketing Officer at Hankook Tire. "We are pleased about the further intensified cooperation with BMW. With our new high-end product Ventus S1 evo² we have developed a tire that convinced the critical BMW engineers with regard to driving dynamics and comfort as well as wet grip and rolling resistance during the intensive selection process."

Hankook's high-end tire Ventus S1 evo² was introduced to the market in spring 2012. Already during the trial phase the tire stood out, noted for its high level of driving comfort and low rolling resistance combined with its distinctively dynamic driving characteristics. This in part was achieved through a significant reduction in weight (less unsprung masses) thanks to the use of extremely light yet highly durable steel cord material that for example is applied in the belt package, a technology already used in Hankook racing tires for the German-based DTM, probably the most popular touring car series worldwide.

By optimizing the vulcanization parameters at reduced temperatures a significant increase in the connection rate and a more targeted cross-linking of the rubber material was achieved. In combination with a newly developed styrene-butadiene polymer, these measures ensure a significant increase in grip level leading to outstanding braking and traction performance even in the wet coupled with a very low rolling resistance.

"The new BMW 3-Series is one of the few vehicles to master the balancing act between sporty driving dynamics and relaxed long-distance driving comfort, and at the same time it is a pioneer in terms of energy efficiency," says Stefan Fischer, Head of the European Technology Centre (ETC) at Hankook Tire and also responsible for tire development for the BMW Group. "With the new Ventus S1 evo² we consistently applied Kontrol Technology* to develop a modern high-performance tire which plays in the top league in terms of driving dynamics, safety and environmental considerations."

At present 45 engineers and specialists working at the ETC in Langenhagent near Hanover in Germany are working on bespoke tires for the European vehicle industry. This is where the tires for the new BMW 3-Series were developed and underwent extensive testing. All tires for the BMW Group are currently being manufactured at the company's main plant in Geumsan in South Korea. The high-tech tire plant, which specializes in the production of ultra-high-performance tires, has recently been extended by a new production division for high-end tires and currently has the most modern production facilities in the world. Alongside the BMW tires for the 1-Series and 3-Series models, the plant also manufactures the Original Equipment tires for the MINI.

* Kontrol Technology
Derived from the English terms Kinetic (for movement) and Control (for control), Hankook Tire Kontrol Technology reflects the best possible controllability of the interaction between the driver, the vehicle and the road by the tires during the journey. Kontrol Technology has been developed in order to provide the vehicle driver with all currently available benefits of the latest Hankook tire technology in terms of safety, driving characteristics, comfort and environmental compatibility.

About Hankook Tire Co., Ltd

Hankook Tire (Vice Chairman & CEO: Seung Hwa Suh) is the seventh largest and one of the fastest growing tire manufacturers in the world. It produces innovative, superior quality and high performance radial tires for passenger cars, 4x4s, SUVs, light trucks, campers, trucks, buses and motor sports. Aspiring to bring consumers the utmost excellence in quality and driving satisfaction, Hankook Tire invests approximately five percent of its revenue in research and development through its five global R&D centers. Hankook Tire's products are currently available in over 180 countries and the company employs 16,000 people worldwide.

For more information, please visit Hankook Tire's global web site at www.hankooktire.com.

Technical Characteristics of the Hankook Ventus S1 evo2

  1. DTM-engineered Multi Tread Radius for equal ground contact pressure through ideal tire footprint:
    • Outstanding high speed driving performance and straight stability.
    • Perfect balance in both wet and dry conditions.
    • Increased performance especially in lateral hydroplaning.

  2. DTM-inspired triple layered block design for superior traction:
    • The staircase arrangement of the outer rib blocks is designed to increase the tire contact patch with the surface as the tire wear progresses, ensuring a consistently high traction performance throughout the tire-lifecycle.

  3. Latest generation Mixing Technologies and all new Tread Compound for reduced Rolling Resistance, dynamic handling characteristics and improved wet braking performance:
    • The extension of mixing times at reduced temperatures significantly increases the bonding rate and more targeted cross linking between carbon and rubber molecules for reduced heat generation during driving thus improving handling characteristics while at the same time reducing rolling resistance, tread wear and thermal caused aging.
    • A new High Styrene Polymer enhances the tire's wet braking performance as well.

  4. Advanced Cooling System with Intercoolers for improved heat regulation:
    • Surface enlarging cooling fins in the ground of tire grooves provide a permanent heat reduction providing a more stable handling performance.
    • Double step dimples at outer block edges generate micro cooling turbulences thus reducing heat in the tire's shoulder part.

  5. VAI Siping System (Vehicle Alignment Indicator)
    • Provides drivers an easy and convenient way to check the vehicles alignment themselves by comparing wear on the sipes of both of the tire's shoulders and realign as necessary.

  6. Aero Dynamic Sidewall with embedded letters:
    • Rectangular dimples-design minimises noise and vibration level for increased driving-comfort.

  7. Line-Up:
    • The line-up for the 2012 spring season will first come in sizes 16 to 19 inches in series 60 to 35 and cover tread width from 205 to 275 for high powered compact cars, luxury limousines and sports cars and will be completed further in 2012/2013.

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