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Title 7/9/2008 - Hankook Offers Industry Leading Warranty on Ultra High Performance Tires
Date 07/15/2008 Count 21710

Hankook Offers Industry Leading Warranty on Ultra High Performance Tires

New mileage warranty combined with road hazard warranty makes it the best coverage for UHP tires in North America

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY, July 9, 2008 - Recognizing the financial pinch many consumers may feel, Hankook Tire America Corp. has provided added product and brand value by offering one of the best tire warranties in the industry.

Not only is Hankook now offering the most competitive mileage warranty for its main Ultra-High Performance (UHP) tires, but this is now combined with a road hazard warranty making Hankook the only manufacturer to offer both mileage and road hazard warranty coverage at the same time on several of its UHP tires. These warranties combined make it the best coverage for UHP tires in North America.

The new mileage warranty is in effect for specific Hankook Ventus tires purchased on or after July 1, 2008.

“Our ability to be the sole tire manufacturer offering both mileage and road hazard warranty coverage for consumers reflects our confidence in our products,” said Bill Bainbridge, director of brand communication, Hankook Tire America Corp. “This is possible because of Hankook Tire’s exceptional blend of quality and performance that goes into every one of our tires.

“It’s also very timely because in today’s difficult economic climate, consumers are demanding more product value and greater longevity, and we think this enhanced warranty really delivers.”

Hankook Tire’s new mileage warranty for select UHP products include: 50,000-mile limited warranty for the Ventus V4 ES H105 and the Ventus ST RH06; and 65,000-mile limited warranty for Ventus AS RH07.

The existing road hazard warranty featured on these products will remain intact: if unserviceable, the tire will be replaced during the first 25 percent of tread life.

For more information on Hankook Tire’s road hazard warranty, consumers can visit http://www.hankooktireusa.com/support/support_tirewarranty.asp. or contact Hankook Technical/Customer Service directly at 1-800-HANKOOK ext.614 or 615 or via e-mail at info@hankooktireusa.com / techsupport@hankooktiresua.com.

Bainbridge added, “Hankook’s new mileage warranty in combination with road hazard coverage provides Hankook with a competitive edge when customers choose between brands of premium ultra-high performance tires. We want consumers to know that purchasing a quality tire is a necessary investment that will be less costly in the long run; our new warranty coverage will help to assure them that they do not have to sacrifice quality.”

About Hankook Tire America Corp.
Headquartered in Wayne, N.J., Hankook Tire America Corp. is a technology-focused, market-driven company that supports motorsports enthusiasts and racers at all levels. Hankook is known and respected around the world for its superior competition tires that outlast the toughest opposition. Hankook remains at the forefront of performance tire development to achieve cutting-edge results. As Hankook expands its motorsports activities, the focus will remain on technology that will keep Hankook-equipped vehicles in the winner’s circle. Hankook is the seventh largest and one of the fastest growing tire manufacturers in the world.

For more information, please visit the Hankook website at www.hankooktireusa.com.

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