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Title 10/3/2007 - Another Time Attack Record Shattered for 2007 at Summit Point’s Shenandoah Circuit
Date 10/04/2007 Count 12499

Another Time Attack Record Shattered for 2007 at Summit Point’s Shenandoah Circuit

SUMMIT POINT, WV, (Oct. 3, 2007) - With April’s Buttonwillow record starting to fade from memory, Hankook Tires/JIC USA driver Tyler McQuarrie shattered his own longstanding record of 1:31.261 by over two seconds with a time of 1:28.806 at Summit Point’s challenging Shenandoah Circuit.

Fresh from his 4th place finish at Formula D, McQuarrie was poised to take the same Porsche GT2 he previously used for drifting and drive it into the record books. McQuarrie’s record setting time was over a second faster than the second place time set by AMS Performance. Lighthearted jabs and bench racing between teams were prevalent all weekend but it was McQuarrie that let his actions speak louder than words at Shenandoah Circuit at Summit Point.

“I couldn’t wait to race at the Redline Time Attack because the car was so fast and competitive in Formula D,” said McQuarrie. “The C71 compound Ventus Z214 tires worked so well at Buttonwillow, I had no doubt they would perform at Summit Point.”

The Hankook Tires/JIC USA Nissan Silvia that set the record breaking time at Buttonwillow was driven by none other than Redline TV host Tanner Foust. Unfortunately the Nissan Silvia was plagued with mechanical gremlins and spent more time on jack-stands than on the track. Despite the adversity, Foust completed three timed laps and his fastest lap was good enough for second place in the Unlimited RWD Class and third place overall with a time of 1:31.218.

Several teams were fighting for the top spot on the podium at this weekend’s Redline Time Attack. Champion auto crosser “The Alien” Mark Daddio piloted the fire breathing AMS Performance Mitsubishi EVO and Drag racer/Scion driver Chris Rado was also on hand to compete for top honors.

The track’s two mile technical layout was torture on many vehicles and their performance parts. Several cars, including Rado’s, suffered engine failure or oil starvation from the steep banking and twisting turns. The Hankook Tires/JIC USA team was not immune either. A hard to find steering rack for the Silvia had to be sourced from a Nissan enthusiast almost 80 miles away in Shippensburg, PA. On Saturday night, the team worked to fix the steering but other issues kept the car from performing at its best.

“Since the Porsche and Silvia are set up for drifting, we needed to adjust everything in the suspension and alignment to make them handle on a given track,” stated Team Manager, Jon Kim. “The set up and Hankook tires are crucial for the cars to perform well.”

The Hankook Tires/JIC USA team can be seen at the upcoming Super Street Super Lap Battle Finale at Buttonwillow, CA on November 7 and immediately following at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on November 9-11. 2007.

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