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Title 6/10/2006 - Joel Lipperini Takes The Pole Position and Wins At The Lime Rock National - 4 Wins In A Row
Date 06/21/2006 Count 12715

Joel Lipperini Takes The Pole Position and Wins At The Lime Rock National - 4 Wins In A Row

Lakeville, CT (June 10, 2006) - Joel Lipperini, 2-time SSC National Champion clinched his 4th win of the 2006 National Championship race season at the Lime Rock National Race in Connecticut on June 10th - a track in which Joel currently holds the SSC lap record.

The SSC Honda Civic driven by Joel Lipperini qualified on the pole (1st) in front of a full field of Touring & Showroom Stock competitors. During this first qualifying session in the wet, Joel put the SSC Honda out in front of an entire field of “high profile” Touring drivers like Will Turner, Rob Hines, Kristian Skavnes and more. This impressive qualifying session was done using a set of Hankook Z211 “R” compound full depth race tires. During the second dry qualifying session, Joel dropped to 12th overall but remained 1st in class and posted a time that was under the current Lime Rock track record on a set of Z214 C50 compound tires.

The SSC field was bunched up at the start with qualifying having Lipperini first followed closely by two Mini Coopers. The remaining SSC field formed behind these three. The Mini Cooper S of Richard Cullen got shuffled back at the start with an earlier accident allowing Fred Pignataro to stay a couple car lengths from Lipperini’s rear bumper for 3/4 of the race. The Mini was strong on the straights and in the braking zones however, knowing how hard Lime Rock is on tires, it was just a matter of time before the front tires on the Mini Coopers self destructed. This allowed Lipperini to cruise to a comfortable victory Pignataro and Cullen raced closely at the end for 2nd and 3rd. Lipperini drove on new “green” Hankook Z214-R compound tires.

“The damp qualifying conditions were perfect for the Unshaved Z211 Hankook tires. I was quite surprised to out-qualify the faster all-wheel-drive Touring 2 cars. During the dry qualifying session, the Hankook Z214 put down impressive grip allowing me to go under the track record. Unfortunately during the race, we were unable to backup the lap record, instead we concentrated on fast, consistent laps to win. It was clear this weekend that the Hankook tire dominated the Lime Rock field - wet or dry. This track is very hard on tires and once again, the tires proved they could withstand the punishment lap after lap at this record setting pace.” This marks the 4th win in a row for Joel Lipperini and the Hankook team.

About Hankook Tire America Corp.:
Headquartered in Wayne, NJ, Hankook Tire America Corporation is a technology-focused, market-driven company that supports motorsports enthusiasts and racers at all levels. Hankook participates in various motorsports competitions including regional/national club racing sanctioned by SCCA and NASA; SCCA Pro Solo and SCCA Solo National Tour; NASA Time Trials; the United States Touring Car Championship; IMSA Lites for sports racer cars; Pacific F2000 and F2000 Championship Series for open-wheel formula cars; professional Rally events sanctioned by NASA Rally Sport and Rally America; and drifting events including Formula Drift, US Drift and DGTrials.

For more information and updates regarding Hankook motorsports products and activities including contingency programs for grassroots racers, contact Jeff Koehler, Hankook Motorsports Marketing Manager via email: jakoehler@hankooktireusa.com or visit the motorsports section of our website at: www.hankooktireusa.com/motorsports.asp. Hankook’s proven success on the race track is the ultimate demonstration of technology that transfers from the race track to the street.

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