R&D Overview

R&D Overview

Hankook Tire is constantly researching new ideas and technologies to deliver tires of world-class quality and performance.


We have established area-specific R&D centers
in the major automobile producing nations and putting total effort into research activities that match the characteristics of each region. this is because we know that making great products that accommodate the living and road conditions, as well as the automobiles of each country, can help bring the world closer together.

R&D Center

Akron Technical Center(ATC)
  • ADDRESS : 3535 Forest Lake Drive Uniontown, Ohio 44685, U.S.A.
  • TEL : 1-330-896-6199
  • FAX : 1-330-896-6597

Hankook Tire’s Akron Technical Center (ATC) became the tire maker’s first overseas facility and first overseas R&D center in 1992.

ATC plays a pivotal role in Hankook Tire’s global R&D activities (of which 5% of revenue is invested in, one of the highest proportion among tire manufacturers)
With advanced engineering concepts and new compounding technologies, the ATC has developed TCT (Trapezoid Contour Theory) Technology, Silica Compounding, FSO (Footprint Shape Optimization) Technology, and CCT (Carbon Compounding Technology), integrated into some of Hankook's best-selling tires.

ATC develops products customized to the driving conditions in America and is key accumulating technologies of international standards for the entire Hankook global R&D network.

Main R&D Center
  • ADDRESS : 23-1 Jang-dong, Yusung-gu, Daejon, Korea
  • TEL : 82-42-865-0114
  • FAX : 82-42-865-0301

Established in 1982, the Main R&D Center is the hub of Hankook Tire's global network. The center is equipped with state-of-the art facilities and staffed by topnotch engineers, engaged in highly creative research activities.

Europe Technical Center (ETC)
  • ADDRESS : Muenchner Strasse 40A1, 30855 Langenhagen, Germany
  • TEL : 49-511-646-0970
  • FAX : 49-511-646-09778

In 1997, Hankook Tire opened the Europe Technical Center to research the needs and driving conditions of European customers, thereby offering better solutions to local requirements.

China Technical Center (CTC)
  • ADDRESS : Dong Fang Lu, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
  • TEL : 86-573-200-5088
  • FAX : 86-573-220-5086

The China Technical Center was established in Zhejiang Province in 1998. The center studies the weather and road conditions throughout Asia, with research results applied to the development of high-performance tires best suited for the region.

 Japan Technical Liaison Center (JTC)
  • ADDRESS : 6th Fl, Naniwasuji Chuo Bldg. 2-2, 2-Chome, Nishihonmachi,
    Nishi-Ku, Osaka, Japan
  • TEL : 81-6-6538-5720
  • FAX : 81-6-6538-7766

Opened in Osaka in March of 2002, the Japan Technical Liaison Office focuses its energies on acquiring technical information related to the Japanese tire market and product development.

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