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Tire Rotation

Knowing your tire basics is the first step
towards maintaining vehicle performance and enjoying safe driving.

Irregular Tire Wear

Due to their circular design, tires should have even wear on contact areas. However, in reality, irregular tire wear is common.
Uneven wear shortens tread life and can cause abnormal shaking in the vehicle. Causes of irregular wear include driving style, poorly serviced vehicle, incorrect air pressure and lax tire rotation among others.

Tire Rotation

Even wear on all tires eliminates the need for tire rotation. However, when irregular wear is detected, tires must immediately be rotated. To prevent such uneven wear in advance, switching the location of tires is recommended every 7,500miles.
In the case of snow tires which use spike pins, care must be taken not to change the rotational direction of the tires as the failure to do so may result in the loss of spikes.

Benefits of Tire Rotation

- Prevents irregular wear and extends tire life
- Allows easy detection of irregular wear due to vehicle misalignment
- Enables easy repair of flat tires

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