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Hankook Tire is an active participant in major Motorsports events. Our winning motorsports track record proves the quality of our products.

Category Compound Recommended Use Ground Temperature
Curcuit C30 Dry hot weather, abrasive surface Over 85℉
C50 Dry weather suface 60℉- 95℉
C70 Dry cool weather, smooth surface
Dry hot weather, abrasive surface (Formula)
Under 70℉
Over 70℉ (Formula Only)
C90 Dry weather surface (Formula) 50℉- 85℉(Formula Only)
Gravel Rally G30 Clear hard and rough gravel Over 85℉
G50 Medium hard gravel 60℉-95℉
G70 Soft & loose gravel Under 70℉
Wet W50 Full wet asphalt 40℉-75℉ ℉

These are only simple, basic recommendations.
You must consider all criteria of the vehicle, race track or stage, conditions, etc.

Category Product Hardness
Very Hard Hard Medium Soft Very Soft
Curcuit Z211, Z214, F200 C30 C50 C70 C90
Gravel Rally R201, R202, R203, R204 G30 G50 G70
Wet Z206, Z207 W50

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