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Hankook Tire is an active participant in major Motorsports events. Our winning motorsports track record proves the quality of our products.

Hankook Tire America Corporation makes no expressed or implied warranty as to the fitness or merchantability of Hankook racing tires due to the varied and severe conditions under which they operate, and shall not be liable for any damages arising out of their use.
It is illegal and dangerous to sell and/or use race tires on public streets that have not passed FMVSS109 or ECE36 safety standards. Hankook DOT-approved race tires must meet the Department of Transportation performance requirements, but are not intended for highway use. DOT-labeled Hankook racing tires are designed for racing use only.

The prohibited use of Hankook racing tires on public roadways may result in loss of traction, unexpected loss of vehicle control, or sudden loss of tire pressure, resulting in possible serious injury or death.

The use of chemical Treatments such as tire "soaking" or tread "softener" to alter the tire carcass or tread compound of any Hankook racing tire could result in premature or catastrophic tire failure and serious injury or death.

The use of Hankook racing tires on wheels that do not meet Tire & Rim Association standards can cause the tire and wheel assembly to fail and explode with force sufficient to cause serious injury or death.

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