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Hankook Tire is an active participant in major Motorsports events. Our winning motorsports track record proves the quality of our products.

Hankook Tire remains at the forefront of cutting-edge track & race tire development by combining state-of-the-art computational designs with the latest materials, all of which are produced in our highly sophisticated tire manufacturing methods & plants. Hankook Tire strives, everyday, to be recognized around the globe as one of the best tire manufacturers in the world.

Our racing tires first were produced and introduced in the US in 2003, with the introduction of the Ventus RSS Z211 R-Compound racing tire. From then on, the Hankook Ventus RSS Z211 has set a strong standard, state-side. Since this introduction, Hankook Tire's involvement and investment in motorsports has steadily increased, bringing with this investment podium placing and 1st place wins. The track records prove it.

Since the RSS Z211, we've introduced R-s2 Z212 and the (newest) R-s3 Z222. All of our track/street UHP tires have a common pedigree in high technology engineering, which has a deep heritage with our venerable R-rated semi slick DOT approved tire (the Z214) which has recently been the dominant compound for enthusiasts and pros.
As Hankook Tire expands and increases to display and demonstrate the benefits to our customers, the focus still remains on developing better technologies and better performances, on the track and off. Hankook Tires has introduced top of the line achieving Ultra High Performance and track ready tires, here in America.
As Hankook Tire heads deep into the next decade, we are very proud to offer such complete line of tires for our fans and customers to enjoy- helping them to excel at whatever racing endeavor they may pursue.

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Thank you for being interested in Hankook Tire Motorsports.

We don’t doubt your commitment, passion, and knowledge to the sport you love. So, we want to find out if we can be a match and hopefully you or your team can provide us with the means to evaluate your motorsport endeavors fairly and equitably.

Below are basic items that we’d like to see in your initial proposal. Power point deck is preferred, but not necessary.

  • Full contact information and introduction to your efforts.
    • History of the team and/or your individual racing history
    • Where do you race? What formats? Classes?
    • What is your vehicle? Specs? Descriptions?
    • Palmares/race record of achievements? Win record (if at all)? Championships (if at all)?
  • What are the next realistic ambitions for the program?
    • Which races? Organizations?
    • Which formats?
    • Which class(es)?
    • What is the predicted schedule of the races season?
  • Other marketing activaties? Activation at shows? Schools? Etc.
  • Sponsorship Request?
    • What is/are the requested items for sponsorship?
    • If tires, what are the size(s)? Type? Specifics?
  • Logo / Livery package:
    • What is the sponsorship package you are offering for the sponsorship?
      1. Race suit logo placements? Number of races the logos will be displayed?
      2. How will the overall race car livery look like? Rendering would be great. Diagram is acceptable.
      3. Logo position options? Logo sizes? Number of races the logos will be displayed?
    • What are the major objectives in the season which would be important for our partnership?
  • Which media contacts and vehicles can and/or are targeted with your team?
  • Media (if at all)
    • What media opportunities are in your proposed season’s pipeline?
    • How many are confirmed? How many being proposed?
    • Which channels are being pitched?
  • Include photographs, links to videos, etc. (rule of thumb, the more photos the better)
  • Other pertinent items that would benefit your proposal

While it is impossible to offer sponsorship to all riders, we carefully consider all applications and resumes we receive for sponsorship.

All drivers/teams are evaluated, at great length, according to the detailed criteria that Hankook Tire has arranged.

If necessary, Hankook Tire may contact you in order to gain more complete information to assist in our decision-making process. However, this is to further our knowledge of your efforts and not a guarantee in sponsorship.

Note that Hankook Tire has complete discretion in decisions regarding sponsorship agreements, including how and why particular riders are chosen. Also, compliance with this document does not automatically guarantee Hankook Tire’s commitment to a driver/team.

Good luck!

Email us with your first proposal deck to:
Motorsports Group

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