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Hankook Tire is an active participant in major Motorsports events. Our winning motorsports track record proves the quality of our products.

Hankook Tire remains at the forefront of cutting-edge track & race tire development by combining state-of-the-art computational designs with the latest materials, all of which are produced in our highly sophisticated tire manufacturing methods & plants. Hankook Tire strives, everyday, to be recognized around the globe as one of the best tire manufacturers in the world.

Our racing tires first were produced and introduced in the US in 2003, with the introduction of the Ventus RSS Z211 R-Compound racing tire. From then on, the Hankook Ventus RSS Z211 has set a strong standard, state-side. Since this introduction, Hankook Tire's involvement and investment in motorsports has steadily increased, bringing with this investment podium placing and 1st place wins. The track records prove it.

Since the RSS Z211, we've introduced R-s2 Z212 and the (newest) R-s3 Z222. All of our track/street UHP tires have a common pedigree in high technology engineering, which has a deep heritage with our venerable R-rated semi slick DOT approved tire (the Z214) which has recently been the dominant compound for enthusiasts and pros.
As Hankook Tire expands and increases to display and demonstrate the benefits to our customers, the focus still remains on developing better technologies and better performances, on the track and off. Hankook Tires has introduced top of the line achieving Ultra High Performance and track ready tires, here in America.
As Hankook Tire heads deep into the next decade, we are very proud to offer such complete line of tires for our fans and customers to enjoy- helping them to excel at whatever racing endeavor they may pursue.

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